How to Easily Restyle a Thrifty Picture Frame


DISCLAIMER: This is a point of no return for you. If you proceed, you will never be able to look at a kitschy thrift shop picture frame the same again. Sufferers of this disorder may find themselves shelling out 99 whole cents for a seemingly innocuous little trinket and turning it into something truly unique and utterly them. You've been warned. 1-original

So this is it. It's cute, but not entirely thrilling or special; however, there's so much potential for transformation! The frame is simple and wooden (both BIG BIG necessities), it already has mounting hardware on the back, and it's a nice little size for a late afternoon project while half-watching that stupid chick flick that Netflix recommended for you for some insane reason...



Depending on the backing, you may have to cut away some paper. This isn't an issue as 1) No one sees the back anyway, and 2) It doesn't affect the support whatsoever.


I got a little carried away (and distracted by the aforementioned movie that has its moments but is still totally dumb, why am I even watching this...) and didn't record proper footage of the actual painting of the frame, so here's an apologetic shot of the paint and brushes I used. Since the frame started out as a dark color, it required three coats of white acrylic paint. Then I decided to get a little adventurous and paint a fun triangle pattern with silver acrylic paint using the small, rounded brush you can see there. I think a silver Sharpie would've worked pretty well, too!

Obviously, the frame embellishments are optional and you can totally paint it whatever color suits you - I just know I love a white and/or metallic frame since it goes with just about anything.


This next part may seem a little daunting since it involves some painting, but you can do literally ANYTHING with any medium under the sun here. You like crayons? Draw with crayons. Spill coffee on it. Put your kid's drawing in it. Print something off that you love. As long as it makes you happy and brings you a little joy, it's perfect and wonderful. :) All that you're required to do (besides smile) is make sure it fits within the frame.


I painted a little geometric mountain and sun with the small angled brush. I figured the colorful shape of the mountain would complement the triangles on the frame. The "paper" is actually inexpensive canvas pad that you can find in any craft store. It's thin cloth that's been treated so it's great for painting!


And, seriously, you're done! Reassemble the glass and frame and prop it next to the plant that the cats keep gnawing on (I'll find a place to actually hang it later), then give that movie four stars because, okay, it wasn't THAT bad, I guess...