Listen to Your Creative Gut!


If you're a creator (and, face it, you are in one way or another. Yay you), you understand that little funky feeling of meh. I felt that earlier today. There sat a canvas on the easel and I really reeeeaaally wanted to start a painting before getting into some freelance design work. I stood there for a while like an idiot with this new show I found on Netflix playing in the background, per usual (it was a good run, Parks and Rec. I plowed through you like a herd of corn huskers). Nothing came to me. Nada in my noggin. I finally sat down in defeat and started designing with some folksy music playing, since designing and watching Netflix on dual monitors leads to ZERO work actually getting done. I guess designing uses the same part of the brain as the Netflix-watching one... In the middle of an action card design (I'll post about this really cool project I'm working on later, with permission from the game developer!), a Ben Howard song came on (look him up, yo. Serious chill), and I instantly was reminded of looking through a rain-streaked window at autumn trees. It was romantic, nostalgic, and oh so vivd in my brain, so I got up and painted it.

With my fingers. I was so stoked about the sudden burst of inspo that I had to be part of the painting with nothing in between. It was so thrilling and consuming - all the silly little problems and irks life were discarded for a while. Oh, how I needed that.

Thankfully Pandora sensed my need and played a couple more chill songs before finishing with a roaring Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros as I wrapped it up (I swear it sometimes feels like these programs are sentient).

The lesson in all this? Listen to your gut. Our creativity perks up all the time and gives us a little nudge in some exciting direction, we just have to say, "Why not?"

It's kind of like in that Parks and Rec episode where Ann asks April how you get your gut to talk to you and April says, "It's not about getting your gut to talk to you, it's about listening to it when it does." Aaaaaaaa that show.

This is not objectively my best piece - maybe not even in the top fifteen - but that excited, raw energy and emotion is valuable, and it speaks to me in great ways. Perhaps it'll speak to others, as well. Hashtag ART, y'all. *mic drop*

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