Welcome to Lynn Hazen Art! It’s my little internet studio where quirky creativity, goopy messes, and thoughtful ramblings happen.


Whether you actually call yourself creative or not (more on that later), we can pretty much all agree that there’s a subtle, ever-present expectation to fit into one of two “artsy-type” molds:

  • Hopelessly quirky, social justice vagabond who’s always in an “experimental” phase. Probably smells a little musky and dances in public. Like, a lot.
  • Distant, mysterious tortured soul who has bouts of darkly ingenious inspiration between day-long stints of brooding and listening to Björk on repeat.

This was my issue for years. I’ve been drawing since I was two (I’m now in my mid-twenties, for reference). Art is so ingrained in my life, it’s like an identical twin or a really big birthmark. When I eventually graduated college with an animation degree, I was stuck between Hopelessly Quirky and Tortured Soul. I sat and waited for inspiration to hit me and to find my purpose in life (and, let’s be honest, we’ve all been there in some way. This is nothing ground-breaking), but once I slooooowwwly realized it was my decision to be inspired – not inspiration’s decision to visit me every once in a while and eat all the leftovers I was saving (inspiration’s kind of a jerk) – my view on creativity changed dramatically and I’m emerging out of that funk!

I’ll never say that I wasted a ton of time learning this. It’s tempting, but I know that it’s working for the better in my life, and hopefully I can inject a little of that into your life! That would make it all so very worth it.  

Woo! This should excite you. You are so much more in control of how “inspired” and “creative” you are than you thought! It’s much more simple than analyzing edgy indie movies (tried that), trying to decipher a horrifying painting by someone like Goya (been there), and collecting weird and, frankly, dumb stuff because maybe just looking at this defective vase with ugly birds on it will force me to see life’s secret intrigue. When I started shifting my thinking from “I don’t feel inspired” to “I’ll do it anyway,” other facets of my life started changing, too. I found my personal fashion style that I truly love after years of angst and clothes hoarding. Ugh. I started experimenting with cooking and now make (I think) delicious and healthy food that I can mostly bet my husband would vouch for without hesitation. I’ve become much more conscious of how my lifestyle impacts my environment and creativity.


I also have a shmoosh-faced snaggle tooth pal named Pugsy who will sometimes make an appearance with her little brother, Vinyl.

I figured we should end on the subject of cats. Now go explore a little and take the pressure off yourself! Make all the mess you want.