Welcome to Lynn Hazen Art! It’s my little internet studio/art shop where quirky creativity, goopy messes and thoughtful ramblings happen.


My goal with all my art is keep it accessible, thoughtful, a little whimsical, and COLORFUL! My work reflects what I value in my personal life: living intentionally, exploring all thoughts and perspectives, in tandem with living freely by just appreciating what this messy, ridiculous, and beautiful life has to offer. My hope is that you, too, feel some of this when you look at one of my paintings, and that you're inspired to live even more creatively. It's a wild ride. ;) 


I also have a shmoosh-faced snaggle tooth pal named Pugsy who will sometimes make an appearance with her little brother, Vinyl.

I figured we should end on the subject of cats. Now go explore a little and take the pressure off yourself! Make all the mess you want.